Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Browsers, browsers everywhere, but not a wireless to link!

To recap - I just partitioned my drive properly and installed the two operating systems I intend to use. Now it's time for some internetty goodness.

There are four main browsers available to me on a mac, three of which I intend to muck about with.

The first three I installed. Opera, well, I'll get to it later, when I'm bored.

Next up, I need to install my fast downloader for those hideously large files that tend to stop right in the middle.

Enter, SpeedDownload!

Here's a screeny:

First thing I do with it, I connect to some guy running on a dlink installation (this guy apparently doesn't believe in wpa protection - in manhattan) and I head over to the Apple Developer Connection to download XCode for Leopard. This is about a gig, and the connection is crappy, so it ends up taking 7 hours (I just set it and went to bed).

Well, not quite. I did other stuff, occasionally halting the download to reboot the system, install other stuff - you get the drill.

But for that, you have to read the Next Post

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