Monday, December 22, 2008

got back the system

Sat night I got back my system. The guys at Tekserve did a great job. The system now has 4gb memory, and a 320gb hard drive, I think it's 7200 rpm, but it doesn't matter. The Tekserve guys did a standard check before they took it out and let me know that the old drive was failing. Which explains a lot of what was going wrong. I thought it was just some corrupted files. Turns out it was dying.

Anyway, I just partitioned it and installed linux.

What we currently have is:

100gb Mac partition on sda2
112gb ext2 partition (/opt) on sda3 (I meant to have it at 120gb, but I screwed up)
83.8gb ext2 partition (/) on sda4
and a 2gb partition for the swap

I'm really impressed with how everything just Plain WorksTM. Normally I had to download the madwifi drivers and make myself crazy trying to install all the various packages for compiling said drivers so I could connect to the net using ubuntu. Since I don't have a wire connection I need to rely on starbucks to get online.

Anyway, those days seem to be gone, thank G-d!

Now I want to see if it's possible to install something that will allow me to read from an ext2/ext3 filesystem. If it isn't 100% secure, then I'll reform /opt to hfs+

So here is a short list of some programs I'm going to need to download, or already have downloaded to get the mac side working:
  1. SpeedDownload (so I can break up huge files) - done
  2. Firefox - done
  3. iTerm - done
  4. AquaEmacs - done
  5. MacVim - done
  6. Something to use ext2 on Mac
  7. the latest version of Python
  8. finkcommander (update - needs fink) - done
  9. the megabig xcode package
  10. apache2 - I don't know if the apache of leopard is set up to use python, I might have to reinstall everything
  11. mysql
  12. adobe flex 3
  13. adobe flash 10 (and 9) debug version - which is the main reason why I started this. I needed a version of flash to debug and it wouldn't install.
  • some python xml libs
  • image libs (PIL)
  • django

Also, I have CS4 Web Premium from Adobe, and I intend to install it later tonight

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