Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Had to start all over

Everything went kablooey. I was trying to reformat the opt partition to hfs+ format, and Disk Utility was hanging. Eventually I got sick of it and decided to do it all over again from scratch. So if anyone out there has ben following this misadventure, this post, right here, right now, right this bat second, is the place to start.

Now it turns out, for some mysterious reason, the 320 Gb hard drive only shows up as 298 Gb. what those other rascally 22 Gigs are doing I have no idea. But we work with what we've got. And frankly, I'll be pretty amazed if I use up all that space by the time I decide to get a new laptop.

Here's a pretty image of the partition:

osx is the main partition, it's 90 gigs, currently using 40

opt is 120 gigs, I'm currently using only 13.

Boy I'm going to feel stupid if my space requirements are in reverse.

DISKOS4 is the main linux partition. It's 84 gigs. I'm not sure at the moment how much is being used. But at worst, I've never gone over 30.

There's a fourth partion which isn't listed, and that's the Linux Swap partition. Just a measly 4 Gigs.

So to reformat everything, I booted into the linux cd. Used it's partition utility to erase all the partitions. The I started up the Leopard cd and made 3 partitions. osx, opt, and free space. opt was formatted to hfs+. Linux can read/write to hfs. but OSX breaks down when doing intense work with ext2 (and don't even bother with ext3). Some people mentions "Mac Free". But I used ext2fsx, something which has completely crashed on me in the past. I don't recommend using it for anything but cursory reading.

Now at this point, I have Leopard, two formatted partitions, and a lot of free space. So I downloaded refit and installed it.

Next, reboot into the Linux cd and install linux. I manually partitioned the free space into the normal mount point - / - and a Linux Swap partition, as I mentioned above.

Continued - Browsers

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