Tuesday, December 23, 2008

IDE's and making funky little icons for refit

Well, we've got Xcode being downloaded in the background, but why should that stop me from installing a few nifty things?

First up, the wallpaper - wallpaperlinux is pretty decent, you can get some good stuff there.

Now for an icon, I hate the icons that come with refit. Yeah they're OK I guess, but I want something cooler.

Something like this:

There are two problems here.

  1. refit uses the mac .icns file - so I need a converter
  2. refit wants the image to be 128x128 - so I have to resize the image I got.
Well, img2icns is a handy little utility that allows me to convert png to icns. There's a freeware version and a souped up commercial version. My needs, fortunately, are simple.

But first, I need to resize the sucker. Now's as good a time as any to install Adobe Web Design CS4. It has a ton of useful apps which I'll be wasting lots of time figuring out in the future.

It comes in a funky little case that has these odd little widgets that serve no purpose. Maybe in a later post, I'll get a camera and upload pics of it all, but for now just take my word.

It's LARGE. There is a LOT of info in it. So be prepared to take a nap or read a book (I did both).

But it's worth it. Flash CS4 is a lot more together than CS3.

(Yeah I know, that doesn't justify the upgrade price tag, but if the aesthetics are any indication, I am going to enjoy working with this. )

I load up photoshop, resize the image, drop it into img2icns, then rename it os_linux.icns, drop it in /efi/refit/icons (that's where it has to be), reboot the machine, and it looks quite pretty. (no screenshots of boot, sorry).


Next post, the Editors.

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