Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This post is actually out of sequence. Truth is, the first thing I did after I installed the speeddownload was to move over my music library. But here it is anyway.

Since I want my music to be available on both the Mac and Linux partitions, I decided to install it in opt. Specifically:

Nice and orderly. Sometimes I'm going to have music from other sources, e.g. Amazon, which like to have their own directory.

Well, first thing you have to do is let iTunes know which directory you're going to be storing your music in.

From the menu: iTunes::Preferences::Advanced::change music folder

To explain: Where it says "iTunes Music folder location" near the top of the tab, click on the "change" button. Then select, or create the directory, whereever you like, then hit the "open" button in the directory dialog.

Now click "OK" in the Preferences panel.

Very good. Now back in the menu: Advanced::Consolodate Library it'll ask if you're sure, say yes, and then it will move any music you had in the original iTunes folder, ie Music/iTunes/iTuns Music and it will move it to the new folder.

Next, remove the old iTunes Music folder I mentioned above, but leave the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file alone.

Next up, Mysql, and fink

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