Wednesday, January 7, 2009

why don't pirate ads are useless

A lot of media industries are concerned about pirating. Which is fair enough as it goes, as they stand to lose a lot of money.

One of the more reasonable suggestions that they've been trying to implement is a public awareness campaign. The idea in itself is fine, but the implementation is pathetic.

In a sane world run by sane people, these corporations would buy airtime on radio, commercials on TV, and advertising space in newspapers. In other words, they would pay for this solely out of their own pocket. When someone takes a lot of time and trouble to say something people tend to at least listen.

But that's not at all what they do. Sure, they pay to film the commercial. But they play it on our time.

What do I mean by "our time"? Well, when you purchase a ticket to see a movie for $15, then the time spent watching the movie is your time. This isn't commercial TV, where the content providers have to air commercials in order to pay expenses. This is a movie, you paid for it, you expect it without having to see pointless crap that has nothing to do with the film.

Instead, after having paid the money, you get a 2 minute commercial chastising you not to buy pirated DVDs.

Well, I suppose that's a cheesy thing to do, but it's tolerable right? Here's where it becomes intolerable.

When I go to blockbuster and rent a DVD or I buy a DVD, I get to see the same damn commercial. Why? Is it not obvious to the idiots in charge that if I paid for the DVD then I am clearly not pirating illegal copies? No, it is not obvious to the idiots in charge, not because they are idiots, but because they themselves are thieves.

When you steal someone else's time, that is stealing. When you force me to watch one of your damn commercials on a disk that I bought or rented, you are stealing my time. You are stealing from me.

Such commercials are no more than the whining of a thief. And I suspect that anyone who watches it has nothing but contempt for the people who made them see it.

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